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More than an educational provider

With its EVA European Academy, the EVG provides high-quality educational offers and consulting offers for trade union people of trust, works councils, administration staff councils, workers' representatives on the supervisory boards, members of speakers panels, youth and trainee representatives, representatives for handicapped persons and volunteer team leaders and speakers, EVG members committed in an honorary capacity and all colleagues who are interested in political education, in trade union politics and personal further development.

You will find under:

 Co-determination Seminars: Workshops, Trade conferences and customized in-house offers for interest representatives,

Co-determination consulting: professional consulting service on all subject areas, which includes the works council,

 Further education: consulting and training  for individual assistance in personal professional development,

Political Education: Seminars, conferences and study tours on economic, social, trade union political and historical themes,

 European Dialogue and Research: Workshops, Conferences, dialogue platforms and research to help shape a sustainable and environmentally friendly transport policy in Europe.

We know the industry, we act according to our trade union and we know what you can do and what moves you.